Stage Attire refers to the costumes the cast members wear onstage in all productions of Hamilton. The attire and costume presentation is by Paul Tazewell.

Specific attireEdit

Regarding performances by the Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton:

Male charactersEdit

All male characters in the musical, such as Alexander Hamilton and Marquis de Lafayette, appear in trousers and long boots that stands nearly to the knee. They wear skirts and buttoned waistcoats over shirts, a trend that was fashionable between the 1770's to 1820's.


Female charactersEdit

All the female characters portrayed in the musical, like Elizabeth Schuyler and Maria Reynolds, wear common satin dresses in lighter colors such as mint or gold. Elizabeth Schuyler makes two exceptions: she is seen in a dark-green robe as a nightdress, with a bodice cord around the middle, and a ruffled black colored dress whilst mourning her son's death.



The ensemble (both male and female) are seen wearing boots and waistcoats, similar to the male characters. The male ensemble wear shirts and waistcoats with full-length sleeves, while the female ensemble wear similar buttoned shirts with sleeves cut at the shoulder.