This is a list of the ships from Hamilton.

List of Ships Edit

Het Edit

Slash Edit

  • Jeffmads- Thomas Jefferson and James Madison
  • Burrcules- Aaron Burr and Hercules Mulligan
  • Jamilton- Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton
  • Mullette- Gilbert de Lafayette and Hercules Mulligan
  • Lams- Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens
  • Washette- George Washington and Gilbert de Lafayette
  • Burrmads- Aaron Burr and James Madison
  • Laurette- John Laurens and Gilbert de Lafayette
  • Washingham- George Washington and Alexander Hamilton
  • Kingsbury- King George III and Samuel Seabury
  • Beer- Aaron Burr and Charles Lee
  • Leebury- Charles Lee and Samuel Seabury
  • Marliza- Eliza Schuyler and Maria Reynolds

Poly Edit

  • Angelica Schuyler / Alexander Hamilton / Eliza Schuyler
  • Eliza Schuyler / Maria Reynolds / Peggy Schuyler
  • Elams- John Laurens / Alexander Hamilton / Eliza Schuyler
  • Alexander Hamilton / John Laurens / Marquis de Lafayette
  • Alexander Hamilton / John Laurens / Marquis de Lafayette / Hercules Mulligan
  • John Laurens / Alexander Hamilton / Aaron Burr

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