Schuyler Defeated (Off-Broadway) is the 7th song of Act 2 and the 31st song overall in the Off-Broadway production of Hamilton.


Look! Grandpa's in the paper!
"War hero Philip Schuyler in danger of
losing senate seat to young upstart Aaron Burr"
Grandpa might lose his seat in the senate

I thought he was unopposed?

Not according to the paper he isn't!

Go make sure the door is closed

Further down
See Schuyler has a challenger from New York, New York
For senator

I gotta go I gotta find Alexander

Let him know we're on his side

No! He’ll consider this a personal slander
I’ve gotta stop a homicide!


Look around, we should look around
Let’s go and find your father down in New York, New York

Since when are you a Democratic-Republican?

Since being one put me on the up and up again, hah

No one knows who you are
Or what you do

They don't need to know me
They don't like you

Excuse me?

Oh, Wall Street thinks you're great
You'll always be adored by the things you create
But upstate you’re the rascal who trades away the capitale—


—The asshole who taxes the a-a-alcohol!

I've always considered you a friend

I don't see why that has to end
A senate seat was up for grabs and I took it
It’s not my fault people think you’re crooked

You’re gonna make a fool of me through my father in law?

There’s the kid who almost shot Charles Lee in the jaw
My god, your pride will be the death of us all
Beware, it goeth before the fall!

Alexander, there you are


You forgot your papers
Mister Burr, good sir, it’s been so long
How are the Theodosias?

As a matter of fact, my wife has taken ill

I’m not surprised, what with the chill
You’ll send her our regards

I will

And how’s your daughter?

She’s my pride and joy
Fluent in French- and Latin!

So am I!

She’s the same age as your boy

Yeah, one day he’ll run Manhattan

We must be going, Burr
But send your girls our love

Nice to meet your son

We’re not done, mister Burr, sir


If I were you I’d stick with her, sir

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