The code duello is strict set of rules pertaining to proper dueling etiquette.

The code below is based on the Hamilton depiction of the code duello:


  1. If one party apologizes for committed offense, there is no need to fire.
  2. One in a duel should always bring a trusted second who can claim to have deniability and accompany in duel.
  3. The seconds of both parties should negotiate before the duel in order to achieve peace that had not previously been attained; to do whatever is possible to avoid proceeding with the duel, and to avoid a potential death if agreement is not found.
  4. If no agreement is found between seconds, both parties should proceed to the duel. Both seconds should not view the duel themselves in case the parties should get caught so they have the right to deniability.
  5. The party who has to upper hand, or had been challenged, should choose a place to duel that is high and dry, for best shot and aim. The duel should occur before sunrise to avoid being caught.


ResourcesEdit – Retreived 19 August 2016. Full and formal list of rules pertaining to the code duello.

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